Accidental Anarchist: Life Without Government


When: 9 September, 14:30
Hyde Park Picture House, 73 Brudenell Rd, Leeds LS6 1JD
Carne Ross was a British Diplomat who became disillusioned by British Foreign policy. The lies of the Blair government, the dodgy dossier, and the death of David Kelly made him question his belief that he was working for ‘the good guys’.

The murderous intervention in Iraq made him give a submission to the Chilcot inquiry contradicting the official version of events. He resigned from the diplomatic service and embarked upon a road to discover a politics that put people first. He became an anarchist.

The film looks at people’s endeavours to build direct democracies. Carne visits Marinaleda in Spain, a New York co-op, a neighbourhood mobilisation to help victims of Hurricane Sandy, talks to Noam Chomsky and finally travels to Rojava in Northern Syria.

In all, a moving and uplifting portrayal of hope, and peoples’ desires to live fulfilled and purposeful lives without the arbitrary dictates and whims of leaders.

Hosted by: Leeds Friends of Rojava