Leeds Skillshare Network

Scratch the surface of campaigning activity in Leeds and you’ll see there’s loads going on. Lots of committed people beavering away on issues of global and local importance.

The Leeds Skillshare Network is a project co-ordinated by Tidal to offer skillshare on whole range of issues relevant to groups, campaigners, activists and people who want to make change happen all across the city.

We’ve created an online resource for people in Leeds to share their skills. You can get involved at leedsforchange.org.uk/skills simply register and complete the quiz to share your skills or contact info@leedsforchange.org.uk to find skillshares.

In the run up to the launch of the site we ran a programme of skillshare events including:

Beautiful Trouble Workshop
So far Tidal have helped put on 2 Beautiful Trouble workshops on creative activism. The first being a day event with the second being over a full weekend. The weekend consisted of a big mix of creative games to get people practicing taking action as a group, whole group discussions and explorations of creative action principles, theories and examples and small group planning of real actions. People went away with a better understanding of how to plan and carry out bold, creative actions, felt more connected to one another and more confident to try out new ideas. I think this will enable more action on global justice issues and for those actions to have more impact.

There are already plans in the pipeline for Tidal to put on many more of these workshops in the near future.

This is what our volunteer Alex had to say about the event on the Leeds For Change website.

Blogging for Change Workshop
The keyboard is mightier than the sword. Blogs by individuals, groups and online magazines are increasingly influencing society, and in a world where the mass media’s agenda excludes so much of importance, they’re a vital tool.

Lead by our very own Matt Carmichael who blogs for Leeds for Change, Ecohustler, and Discover Society. He is a secondary English teacher and co-author of Spiritual Activism with Alastair Macintosh. Through a very practical workshop Matt aimed to give confidence and a few skills for better blogging, wherever you’re starting from.

Solidarity Activism Workshop
A space for reflection on our experiences of solidarity activism and working mindfully with communities facing oppression/opposing environmental destruction. The workshop aimed at allowing experienced and inexperienced people to raise and reflect on some issues around how ‘we’ act in solidarity with communities that may be very different from us culturally and politically, who may have very different ideas about tactics and decision-making.

Social Media for Campaigns Workshopoccupy
Social media has transformed the way we do activism, how we reach out to new people, and has been used as a tool to bring down governments and mobilise millions to take action and get out onto the streets. We invited one of Greenpeace’s online campaigners, Pete Speller, up in Leeds to run a half day workshop on using social media for grassroots campaigning.

Facilitation Workshop
Together with Green Action and Seeds for Change, we held a half day training in facilitation for core members of groups who want to increase/gain skills in facilitating meetings and more in depth discussions.