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Hello Everyone and welcome to our February newsletter. After the shock and disappointment of 2016, 2017 seems to have started positively with the inevitable reaction as the Women’s Marches proved all around the world last weekend. There is also lots of amazing things coming up both in Leeds and beyond with plenty more in the pipeline. This is what is lined up for you beautiful people in February…


Generation Revolution


When: Friday, 10th February. Doors open 18:30, Film Starts 19:00 prompt.

Where: RJC Dance, Mandela Centre, Chapletown Road, Leeds. LS7 3HY.

What: GENERATION REVOLUTION brings to screen the powerful story of a new generation of black and brown activists who are changing the social and political landscape in the capital and beyond. This feature-length documentary film follows an exciting new breed of organisations as well as the young Londoners that are part of them.



ESRC Seminar: Climate Justice and Economic Growth

When: 30th January (10:00-19:00) and 31st January (09:00-17:00)

Where: E2 Renold Building, University of Manchester. M1 7JA.

What: This workshop tackles a cluster of questions concerning economic growth and climate justice. Is the prevention of climate catastrophe incompatible with economic growth? Does climate justice within and across generations require moving beyond economic growth? Or is economic growth, at least in developing countries, a requirement of climate justice? How can meeting the basic needs of all in a global economy be ensured in a the context of climate change? What role should physical and political feasibility constraints play in determining responses to climate change? Are economic instruments such as emissions trading compatible with climate justice? Are there limits to the goods that are required for a good life? Should there be the limits on the acquisition of wealth? The workshop seeks to bring together economists, philosophers and practitioners to tackle these pressing questions.



Student Sustainability Conference

When: 3rd February 2017.

Where: University of Leeds.

What: The University of Leeds will be hosting it’s first Student Conference on Sustainable Futures. This unique event, open to Leeds students at any level (UG, PGT, PGR), from all disciplines, will showcase research, projects and creativity relating to an aspect of sustainability. The theme of the conference is ‘Sustainable Perspectives on Future Challenges’, a broad theme which could include innovative work in carbon reduction or urban development, challenges in healthcare, social equality, policy and governance, international trade, sustainable energy, the circular economy, food security or any topic which has a positive impact in society.


  Newsletter event

All Our Tomorrows?

When: Saturday 4th February from 14:30 until 17:00

Where: St Andrew's community Hall, LS8 1DS.

What: A winter afternoon for all the family. Banner-making, Craft, Quizzes, Music, Food, Drama, Displays about our Environment locally - globally


  human needs and climate change

Prioritising Human Needs in the Era of Climate Change

When: Monday 6th February, 16:00-18:00.

Where: School of Earth and Environment, SEE Seminar rooms, University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT.

What: "Prioritising human needs in the era of climate change" brings together three eminent scholars advocating a radically new view of sustainability research and action. The challenge of reducing human impacts on the environment has too often been framed through a purely economic lens, weighing only the monetary costs and benefits of new policies and technologies. Instead, this event advocates focusing on human well-being. Professor Gough of LSE, author of " A Theory of Human Need", will consider sustainable consumption from the perspective of climate change and human needs. Professor O'Neill, Hallsworth Chair In Political Economy at the University of Manchester, will discuss how best to challenge the growth imperative. Dr Buchs of the University of Leeds will present her new book on postgrowth and well-being. Following a discussion, the event will end with drinks and refreshments in the foyer.



Cafe Economique - Modern Day Slavery Trade

When: 7th February at 19:30

Where: Seven Artspace, 31 Harrogate Road, LS7 3PD.

What: Introduced by Professor Gary Craig.



Queerology Film Screening

When: 8th February at 19:00

Where: Aire Place Studios, Unit 2C, Aire Place, Kirkstall Road, Leeds. LS3 1JL

What: Aire Place Studios are excited to announce our first ever film evening with Taylor Le Fín showing their film Switching Teams. The evening will follow with a Q&A with the filmmaker and a panel discussion exploring LGBTQ+ inclusivity in sports.



Can War Ever Be Justified?

When: 8th February at 19:00.

Where: University of Leeds, Woodhouse Lane. LS2 9JT.

What: Join Leeds Coalition Against War (LCAW) for a philosophical discussion on the justifications of war and the responsibilities of states towards refugees. The talk will be taken by two University of Leeds lecturers, Dr. Mollie Gerver and Dr. James Souter. For this discussion, Dr. Gerver will propose some philosophical debates surrounding the justifications of war. Can war ever be justified? Who is justified in going to war? Is there ‘moral conduct’ within war


  michael moore

Where To Invade Next?

When: 17th February at 19:00 (19;30 start time)

Where: Kirkgate Community Centre, Shipley. BD18 3EH

What: Global Justice Bradford Invites you to the film showing of Michael Moore's Where To Invade Next. Prepare to be Liberated


  Logo banner

Educate, Agitate, Organise

When: Saturday 29th April 2017 10:00 - 17:00

Where: Leeds Beckett Students’ Union, LS1 3HE.

What: 2016 was a year of profound change and political uncertainties, with a fairer and more sustainable world seeming ever more distant.



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