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Tidal September Newsletter 2017

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Hello and welcome to the Tidal September newsletter!

We will be using this newsletter to keep you updated on what we’ve been up to and what we have planned for the future. The monthly round up of events will be taken over by Leeds For Change, so make sure you sign up to their newsletter to keep up to date.

We’re currently settling in to our new offices which we are sharing with several small charities. We’ve moved to Bridge Street Church in the centre of Leeds – you can see our address and a map here.

From the 7th-10th of September, will be taking part in the first ever Grassmovent Festival, a family-friendly festival in Addingham Moorside, which aims to ignite a movement for change and support grassroots activism in all its different forms. Tidal will be running the tea tent, selling hot drinks and cakes to raise money to help us continue to support activism in Leeds. If you can donate your time to helping staff the tent or bake treats then please get in touch. You can find out more here.

On the 14th of October, we are partnering up with The Economic Justice Project to deliver ‘Re:Connect’ a day long gathering focused on building a collective response to austerity and division. Then on the 18th of November we are giving The Collective Liberation Project a space to lead an in depth workshop on Power, Privilage and Anti-Racist Practice – We really hope you’ll join us at these exciting upcoming events!

Tidal is constantly working to support activists and campaigns in Leeds. In order to continue to our work towards a more just world we count on the generosity of our supporters whose funding keeps us going. Our LocalGiving page is a quick and easy way to make a one off gift or set up a monthly donation from as little as £5. Thank you to everyone who has donated money, time and resources to us so far – together we will continue to make a stronger global justice movement in Leeds.



Re:connect - Building a collective response to austerity and division


We are separate. Our lives and struggles are different for each of us, but when we work together we can build strength and solidarity.

Divisions have emerged, and have been exploited over the last few years: between generations, "strivers" and "skivers", those were born in the UK against those who have migrated here for many reasons, and those who voted Leave or Remain.

Years of austerity have meant more people competing for resources, while the government and media continue to find ways to blame marginalised people for problems in our society.

As these divisions grow and become cemented we are less likely to work together, even though we have 'more in common' than many of us think. This division will make it harder to defend what's left.

Come Through for a day of free workshops, conversations and connecting with others, to better understand key issues of 2017 including : the impact of cuts and austerity, racism in Leeds, rubbish jobs, the gig economy, and refugee rights.

Be a part of the day that will give you strategies for how we can address injustices together, and practical skills that will help us be heard, and achieve change.




Tidal Tea Tent at Grassmovement Festival

When: 4pm Thurs 7th - 4pm Sun 10th September 2016

Where: Moorside Ln, Addingham, Ilkley LS29 9JX, UK

What: Tidal will be running the tea tent, selling hot drinks and cakes to raise money to help us continue to support activism in Leeds. If you can donate your time to helping staff the tent or bake treats then please let us know. Volunteer over 20 hours to get a free ticket!

Grassmovement Festival was born out of a love for activism. Being part of mobilisations, mass-movements and actions – we felt invigorated by the feeling that change is slow, but change is coming. Yet when we spoke to our friends, colleagues and associates, we realised that this feeling was something that we felt in isolation. With Grassmovement we want to help everyone have their voice heard, or to work to alleviate some of the issues that they see in society and the world, in whatever capacity they wish.



Tidal Allyship Trainings: Power, Privilege and Anti-Racist Practice with The Collective Liberation Project

When: 13.00 - 16.30, 18th November 2017 Where: Bridge Street Church, Bridge Street, LS2 7QZ

What: As part of our allyship trainings, Leeds Tidal have invited The Collective Liberation Project along to run an indepth training on 'Power, Privilage and Anti-Racist Practice' - and how it supports the movement for Global, Climate and Economic Justice.

In this workshop, participants will explore their relationship to privilege and learn about how racism functions in the UK. You will leave equipped with strategies to support people of colour experiencing racism and ways to work with white people to dismantle racism in your community. The workshop is experiential, comprised of a variety of group exerci?ses, discussion circles and active listening to explore this material with a compassionate and sensitive approach. We acknowledge that racism and other forms of oppression are often internalised in the body and link to strong emotions such as anger, guilt and shame. We provide a safe space to explore these emotions if they arise.

Key questions we will explore: - What privileged positions do we hold and how can we utilise our power to address injustice?

- How can we support people that face oppression we have not experienced?

- H?ow ?does ?anti racist practise support the movement for climate justice and economic justice???



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Local and national events


For a full list of actions and events, see the Tidal website.


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