Gender in Transition, Power and Discrimination


When: 2 December at 12:00–17:00
Where: Bridge Street Church, Bridge Street, LS2 7QZ

What: What does trans mean?
What’s the difference between gender and sexuality?
What does a campaign, movement and world that empowers trans people look like?

Join facilitators Sophia Thomas (Trans Leeds) and Emma Simpson (Simpson Training) to get the answers to these questions and explore the relationship between gender, transition, power and discrimination.

Over the course of this half day workshop, participants will:

• Understand the meaning of words like trans, cis and non-binary
• Recognise the difference between the body you have and the gender you are
• Explore how Western society has framed and explained gender over the centuries
• Learn the difference between gender and sexuality
• Discuss the struggles and barriers around gender, and their intersections with issues like austerity and climate change
• Hear about lived experience of gender in transition
• Develop active listening skills
• Become empowered to embed anti-gender discrimination practice into our communities, activist spaces and campaigns

Participants will leave the workshop better informed allies to the trans community and ready to transform their own campaigns or movements into spaces more open, more supporting and more empowering for trans people.

Emma Simpson is a trans non-binary person who has been delivering training on gender for the last 3 years. Emma is especially interested in gender’s relationship with climate, natural resources and the politics surrounding climate change. They have worked with Friends of the Earth Europe, Reclaim the Power, Frack Free UK and Ulex to create gender focused approaches to climate and social justice activism. Emma also delivers training to schools, health practioners and the general public about being trans and how to be a good ally. They are writing a book about gender diversity in schools and aspire to one day go to space and talk about gender there.

Sophia Thomas is the Director of Trans Leeds. Trans Leeds is a monthly support group and online community space for the transgender people in Leeds. They support transgender, nonbinary and gender non-conforming people in Leeds and the surrounding area.

Leeds Tidal works to support, coordinate and grow global justice activism in Leeds in all its different forms. We believe that strong and diverse grassroots movements are vital to sustainable change, which is why it’s our mission to help global justice activists in this city be as effective as they can possibly be. This training is part of a series looking at power and privilage, and how to build inclusive and diverse movements for change.

The training includes two breaks and free refreshments. The venue is wheelchair accessible. Please email if you have any requests for other things we could do to support your learning and make the training more accessible and comfortable!

There is a suggested donation of £5-£20 for the workshop, however no-one will be turned away for lack of funds. We encourage wealth-sharing to allow the workshop to be accessible to everyone and to help us to cover the costs of facilitators time, venue and refreshments. If you are unable to donate financially, reserve a free place by emailing

There are only 30 places on the training so please book early to avoid disappointment. If places are sold out please send an email to the address above be added to the reserve list. We will let you know if there is enough demand to run another session or if any spaces become free on this training. You can reserve a place through our eventbrite page.