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Critical Mass


When: 29 September at 18:00–19:00

Where: Leeds City Museum, Cookridge Street, LS2 8BH Leeds

What: Critical Mass: taking to the streets!

Critical Mass is often described as an ‘unorganised coincidence’. It happens when a lot of cyclists happen to be in the same place at the same time and decide to cycle the same way together for a while.


Make it happen by spreading the word, printing off the flyers below (coming soon!) & stapling to bikes around the city …decorate your bike with flags, balloons etc, bring soundsystems, food to share…

“Everyday, all over the world, people are resisting the problem culture of the car by getting on their bikes and riding, instead of driving.

Critical Mass is a celebration of the alternatives to cars, pollution, accidents and the loss of public spaces and freedoms.

Not an organisation or group, but an idea or tactic, Critical Mass allows people to reclaim cities with their bikes, just by getting together and out-numbering the cars on the road”


Each one is different and they follow no set route, with the direction being spontaneously chosen as people cycle along. Anyone is free to join or leave the ride as it pedals along.

The ride lasts no more than a couple of hours (depending on the weather!) Look out for each other-it’s not a race, the point is to cycle together.

Most all, they are peaceful, safe and fun!

Nope! Critical Mass is not just for bikes – skateboards, roller blades, wheelchairs, pogo sticks – in fact any form of non-motorised, non-polluting are all very welcome!

Hosted By: Critical Mass Leeds

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Black History presented by the youngers


When: 14 October at 16:00–19:00

Where: Church of God of Prophecy, 196 Chapeltown Road, LS7 4H Leeds

What: Children from the community will celebrate and present our Black History about our Ancient Heroes and Sheroes. Come and join us in the Austin Burke Memorial Hall. FREE for Children £5 for Adults

Hosted By: Hotep Leeds

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Re:connect - Building a collective response to austerity and division


We are separate. Our lives and struggles are different for each of us, but when we work together we can build strength and solidarity.

Divisions have emerged, and have been exploited over the last few years: between generations, “strivers” and “skivers”, those were born in the UK against those who have migrated here for many reasons, and those who voted Leave or Remain.

Years of austerity have meant more people competing for resources, while the government and media continue to find ways to blame marginalised people for problems in our society.

As these divisions grow and become cemented we are less likely to work together, even though we have ‘more in common’ than many of us think. This division will make it harder to defend what’s left.

Come Through for a day of free workshops, conversations and connecting with others, to better understand key issues of 2017 including : the impact of cuts and austerity, racism in Leeds, rubbish jobs, the gig economy, and refugee rights.

Be a part of the day that will give you strategies for how we can address injustices together, and practical skills that will help us be heard, and achieve change.


10.30 – 11.20 : WHERE ARE WE?

An opening discussion with local voices exploring some of the issues we face and how they impact on people in Leeds and the surrounding region. Topics include the impact of benefit sanctions, the poor experiences faced by those seeking sanctuary in the UK, how austerity has hit disabled people and the Trans community, as well as the dangers of fear and xenophobia.

Contributors include: Economic Justice Project, Sophia Thomas – Trans Leeds, Aisha Ali-Khan – Shipley Feminist Zealots, Hadi – Leeds Asylum Seekers Support Network, Armineh – Disabled People Against the Cuts, and representatives from Leeds Poverty Truth Commission. This session includes facilitated contributions from those attending.


• On Services and Welfare – with Hands Off Our Homes, Poverty Truth Commission, and Rowan Sandle – Psychology Researcher
• On Communities of Colour – with MEND, Angel of Youths, and Leeds Asylum Seekers Support Network
• On Workers and Jobs – with former Deliveroo Riders, NHS Workers and representatives from the National Union of Teachers
• Through poetry – with Sai Murray -Voices that Shake!

12.30 – 1.30 : SHARED LUNCH

1.30 – 3.00 : STRATEGIES FOR…

• Fighting the Cuts with Direct Action and Media
• Racial Justice – with Racial Justice Network & Hope Not Hate
• Workplace Power – with Industrial Workers of the World
• A Social Strike! (The Game) – with Plan C

3.10 – 4.40 : TRAINING FOR CHANGE…

• Power mapping and building a broad-based alliance for change – with Becky Howcroft – Leeds Citizens
• How to use the Media to get your message out – with Economic Justice Project
• How to be a Trans Ally – with Emma Simpson – @SimpsonTrainings


Join us for tea, cake and collective creativity. In this closing session we will be drawing on stories, strategies and ideas from the day, to write a set of demands that will help create a legacy for the day. We will explore questions of ‘How do we go forward from here’ and ‘Do we rebuild what’s been lost, or build on what’s emerged’? Our Charter of demands will be a shared resource that can be taken forward to our organisations, elected representatives, and built into our own work and communities beyond the event.

This event, including all food and refreshments is FREE
Please sign up for any sessions that you intend to join. You can do this here.

If you cannot access the online form, please call Maia 07726237312 to book a place.

Please help us spread the word by sharing the event on Social Media. Here is the link to the Facebook event.

Tidal Allyship Trainings: Power, Privilege and Anti-Racist Practice with The Collective Liberation Project


When: 13.00 – 16.30, 18th November 2017
Where: Bridge Street Church, Bridge Street, LS2 7QZ

What:  How can we embed anti-racist practise at the core of the movement for climate justice and economic justice?

What privileged positions do we hold and how can we utilise our power to address injustice?

How can we support people that face oppression we have not experienced?

As part of our allyship trainings series, Leeds Tidal have invited The Collective Liberation back to Leeds to run an indepth training on ‘Power, Privilage and Anti-Racist Practice’.

In this workshop, participants will explore their relationship to privilege and learn about how racism functions in the UK. You will leave equipped with strategies to support people of colour experiencing racism and ways to work with white people to dismantle racism in your community. The workshop is experiential, comprised of a variety of group exerci?ses, discussion circles and active listening to explore this material with a compassionate and sensitive approach. We acknowledge that racism and other forms of oppression are often internalised in the body and link to strong emotions such as anger, guilt and shame. We provide a safe space to explore these emotions if they arise.

We invite you to participate in a culture of unlearning, sharing, “calling in” and kindness. The workshop is open to people of all racial backgrounds.

The training will be delivered by Camille Barton, Founding Director of the Collective Liberation Project. Camille has worked with clients including Sisters Uncut, SOAS, Sussex University and the Labour Party. Follow this link to read more about her background and story behind the project:

The training includes a 30 minute break and free refreshments. The venue is wheelchair accessible. Please email if you have any requests for other things we could do to support your learning and make the training more accessible and comfortable!

There is a suggested donation of £5-£20 for the workshop, however no-one will be turned away for lack of funds. We encourage wealth-sharing to allow the workshop to be accessible to everyone and to help us to cover Camille’s travel costs and time as facilitator. If you are unable to donate financially, reserve a free place by emailing

There are only 30 places on the training so please book early to avoid disappointment. If places are sold out please send an email to the address above be added to the reserve list. We will let you know if there is enough demand to run another session or if any spaces become free on this training. You can reserve a place through our eventbrite page.