Below are details of training available for Leeds activists. There’s loads out there, delivered by a range of people at a range of prices. Click on the event titles below to find out more about each and for details on how to book.


One-off sessions

Ongoing sessions


Other Training Providers/Databases


One-off sessions

Bespoke training from Seeds for Change

Date: When you need it

Venue: Where you need it

Costs: Free to grassroots groups / donation

Seeds for Change works together with activists and campaigners in the UK to help them organise for action and positive social change. They offer some free workshops and training for grassroots campaigners, and have a wide range of free briefings and resources on practical campaigning skills and working in groups.

Workshops available include;

  • Running participatory workshops
  • Facilitating fun and effective meetings
  • Consensus decision making
  • Campaign planning
  • Developing a strategy
  • Sharing skills and building strong groups

Workshops can also be tailored to the needs of groups receiving them.

Training delivered by: Seeds for Change

How to book: Get in touch – lancaster [AT] or oxford [AT]

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