What we offer

Building effective campaigns and groups can be really challenging, and a difficult process to start. We’re here to help you build sustainable campaigns and hit the ground running:

  • Networking and building cross organisational alliances
  • Facilitating key discussions about strategy, tactics or planning actions
  • Providing resources such as Media and Press Contacts
  • Providing introductory trainings on Consensus Decision Making, Meeting Facilitation, Working in Groups, How to get started on a Campaign
  • Campaign Mentoring
  • Meeting/ Venue Space
  • Support with promotion and communication

Get in touch with maia.kelly@leedstidal.org if you would like to discuss an idea or request support for your group.

Promote your events

Leeds for Change is a platform we’ve built to help promote your events and actions. Follow the button below to see Leeds’ Activist Calendar and the registration page to promote your events.

Activist calendar

Find out where to go to get involved in making change in Leeds with the Leeds for Change activist calendar.

Venue finder

Use our Leeds for Change Venue finder tool to locate the best place to hold your meetings and events.

Media & press contacts

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of local, regional and national media and press contacts for you to send your press releases to.

If you’d like some tips and advice on how to write press releases, pitch stories, build relationships with journalists and communicate your messages effectively email maia.kelly@leedstidal.org

Access & inclusion guide

We’ve made an easy-to-use Access and Inclusion Guide to help ensure everyone feels comfortable and able to engage in your events and actions.


Check out our Leeds for Change resources page to find recommended resources for change-making.

Who we've worked with

Over the years we’ve helped to launch and develop many powerful global justice campaigns and groups including:

  • Stop Climate Chaos Leeds
  • No Leeds Bradford Airport Expansion Campaign
  • Leeds Fuel Poverty Action, Leeds Citizens
  • Leeds for Change
  • Leeds Skillshare Network
  • Leeds Community Energy
  • Zero Carbon Yorkshire
  • Frack Free Knostrop
  • Healthy Air Leeds