Volunteer Board Member

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Leeds Tidal are inviting nominations for new board members to bolster our mission ​for supporting activism in Leeds to be more effective in achieving social, economic and climate justice.

We recognise that our lack of lived-expertise of many of the social issues and inequalities that we work on limits our viewpoint and progress. We are particularly keen to meet people with knowledge, insights, understanding and wisdom gathered through lived experience of a social issue, or combination of issues, with a desire to use this lived experience to inform the work of social change organisations.

Skills and experiences we’re looking for to build our capacity

In particular, we are looking for people with one or more of the skills and experiences listed below:

  • Lived experience of a social issue, or combination of social issues
  • Treasury skills 
  • Formal HR skills (particularly in ​voluntary sector and in larger team settings)
  • Organisational development (particularly around governance & accountability)
  • Fundraising (through formal bid writing, and/or grassroots fundraising)
  • Community organising or campaigning skills
  • Project management & budgeting
  • Familiarity with intersectionality and climate justice

Person Specification
We’re looking for several people who are:

  • Passionate about issues of economic, social and climate justice
  • Familiar with campaigning and approaches to building social movements
  • Possess high personal integrity
  • Strategic thinkers
  • Creative
  • Speak their mind
  • Understand the role of a Board Member and its legal responsibilities (after training
    and induction)

What is involved?
Minimum 2-3 hours for board meetings every 6 weeks (approx. 8 meetings per year). Additional approx 2 hours between meetings to support actions and discussions between, in sub-group meetings, plus any additional time you wish to contribute.

Duties – After training and induction where needed, collectively the duties of Board Members are to:

  • Set and monitor our strategic plan.
  • Safeguard the vision, mission and values in decision-making.
  • Ensure compliance to articles of association, legislation, local regulations, and our own policies, procedures and governing documents.
  • Ensure Tidal is well run and has good governance.
  • Be ambassadors for Tidal.
  • Get hands-on with the work of Tidal, helping with campaign support and movement-building initiatives.
  • Attend Board meetings (around 8 per year) and sit on relevant sub-committees.

Further Information about being a Board Member
The Board has two main responsibilities. It ensures the ​performance​ of Tidal through setting and monitoring strategic plans, overseeing finances, managing resources and guarding our vision, mission and values. It also ensures ​conformance ​with relevant legislation, local regulation and our own policies, procedures and governing documents. Board Members are responsible for the sound running of the organisation, and are legally liable for its actions. As well as this governance role, Board Members are also expected to help carry out operational work and lend time and expertise where possible. 

How to apply
Please send your CV and a Cover Letter (no more than 1 page) to info@leedstidal.org by 9am on the 2nd of May.​ Please include in your cover letter:

  • Why you were drawn to the position
  • What skills you could bring to the role
  • Your contact details and what your preferred means of contact is. 

All personal data received will be kept in accordance with our GDPR privacy policy. 

Follow up conversations with existing board members will be organised via online platforms at your convenience.
If you have any questions about the role of a board member, please contact info@leedstidal.org.​ Please leave your number in the email if you’d prefer to speak on the phone.