Volunteer Treasurer

*Easy-read role description can be found here.*

  • Are you passionate about issues of economic, social and climate justice? 
  • Do you have treasury experience, and are keen to lend these skills towards building the capacity of local movements for change?

If so, we’d love to hear from you! Leeds Tidal are inviting nominations for a new Treasurer to join our Board of Directors, to bolster our mission ​for supporting activism in Leeds to be more effective in achieving social, economic and climate justice. 

What is involved?
Minimum 2-3 hours for board meetings every 6 weeks (approx. 8 meetings per year)
Additional approx 2 hours between meetings to support Treasury work in between, plus any additional time you wish to contribute.

Key responsibilities:

  • Oversee all financial aspects of the Tidal, on behalf of the board of directors, to ensure its short and long-term viability.
  • Assist the chair, and organisation in ensuring that the board of trustees fulfils its duties and responsibilities for the proper financial governance of the organisation. 

Duties and tasks to fulfil the key responsibilities

  • Ensure that we operate within the financial guidelines set out in current legislation by Companies House, our governing document and by the board.
  • Ensure that our financial resources are sufficient to meet current and future needs, and to advise the board on our reserves policy, and to ensure that this policy is reviewed and monitored regularly. 
  • Look over the proposed annual budget, and advise and guide the board accordingly. 
  • Look over management accounts, financial projections against budget and to advise the board accordingly. 
  • Look over and evaluate with the team the organisation’s cash flow position.
  • Ensure that funding received for specific purposes is separately accounted for and spent for the purposes for which it was given.
  • Ensure that the board of trustees fulfils its duties and responsibilities for the proper financial governance of the organisation.
  • Ensure that the income and property of the organisation is applied for the purposes set out in the governing document and for no other purpose, and with complete fairness.
  • Keep the board informed of its financial duties and responsibilities
  • Advise the board on the financial implications and operational risks arising from board decisions, especially the board’s strategic and policy decisions.
  • Work with the chair, Programme Coordinator and Finance Worker to ensure that financial information is both accurate and presented in such a way that facilitates good financial governance.
  • Ensure that intangible assets such as organisational knowledge and expertise, intellectual property, Tidal’s good name and reputation etc. are properly valued, utilised and safeguarded.

How to apply
Please send your CV and a cover letter (no more than 1 page) to info@leedstidal.org by 9am on the 2nd of May.​ Please include in your cover letter:

  • Why you were drawn to the position
  • What skills you could bring to the role
  • Your contact details and what your preferred means of contact is.

All personal data received will be kept in accordance with our GDPR privacy policy. Follow up conversations with existing board members will be organised via online platforms at your convenience. If you have any questions about the role please contact info@leedstidal.org.​ Please leave your number in the email if you’d prefer to speak on the phone.

Further Information about joining our Board of Directors
The Board has two main responsibilities. It ensures the ​performance​ of Tidal through setting and monitoring strategic plans, overseeing finances, managing resources and guarding our vision, mission and values. It also ensures ​conformance ​with relevant legislation, local regulation and our own policies, procedures and governing documents. Board Members are responsible for the sound running of the organisation, and are legally liable for its actions. As well as this governance role, Board Members are also expected to help carry out operational work and lend time and expertise where possible.